1200 sqft of space

With a 44' shooting length wall to door there is ample space for long focal length shooting, good subject to backdrop distance and ideal light placement.

When shooting using the natural light from the bay door there is 21' wall to wall.

Both spaces leave enough room to shoot simultaneously without having to tear down one to shoot for the other.

Drive-in bay  door

Get your gear in in minutes, no long trek from the parking lot to the studio. Open the bay door, back the car up and offload in no time.

Kitchenette on site

While you wont be preparing any gourmet meals, there is a fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle and coffee maker in the studio.

We just ask you clean up after yourself!

Studio iMac available

If you need one, we have a 24" studio iMac with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom CC installed for a quick, convenient way to check your files before you tear down.

Another thing you don't have to cart in!

Plenty of  studio lights

We have 5 studio strobes available, 2 AB1600 and 3 AB 800. Available modifiers include a 24" beauty dish with grid, strip boxes (with grids), medium and large softboxes, a large 48" octabox (with grid) as well as a host of other odds and ends including gels, grids and a variety of  stands.

Education setup available

Need a space to teach? We have 5 tables and chairs to host up to 8 students comfortably.

Ask us about available set-ups.